Whoops…..(friday 30th june 2017)

whoops im sorry everybody! I forgot to be active 🙈🙊 My phones been dead and some days ive left it at home so i forget it when im at school.

So let me tell yee about today. 

I got enhanced on french! I dont know how, i hate learning french and i hate school, i may be moving. (To you non english people, enhanced is like an A but means nothing, really) So we also had p.e where we had to run 100 meters, me being me, i ran 100 metres in the fastest time of 18 secconds. In the relay, i came forth becuase the group i was in was, PRETTY SLOW. Plus my friend doesnt know her left and rights…

So enough of school, i have a few announcements, if any body is going to the fashion show 1 week this sunday, comment below! And a meme superstar is dying.

This deserves a paragraph because he was a great part of our childhoods. Mr Robbie Rotten (or stefan karl stephenson) has terminal cancer is on the last stages of cancer. The doctors say no cure. I hope he is oki

Ok so to end on a High note. I hope you have a great day and share my blog.

Stay happy and blog on!

– Jessica


Author: Jess Daily Blogs

Hey, my names jess. I blog about everyday things and whats going on. i hope you can give a follow and love!

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