Whoops again…

hey everyone! Sorry ive not been too active, school has got in the way and i have had no time to post :I So ill do a post today and ill try make it longish. Im on my phone so…my fingers will hurt :’)

On sunday me and my mum are going to liverpool Clothes show. I hope i see you guys there it will be great. Even tho you have no clue what i look like. I have shoulder length blonde hair blue eyes and im quite tall.

We’re getting the bus to the train station at 9 am because some people are on strike which means it will be harder to get there. We’ll just troll about abit walking around and doing some stuff.

Im going to the pleasure beach soon too with my best mate, that should be fun!

I will do another blog later, time for homework!

Stay happy and blog on!

– jess


Author: Jess Daily Blogs

Hey, my names jess. I blog about everyday things and whats going on. i hope you can give a follow and love!

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