Saturday 1st July 2017

Hey everyone! Todays blog is on the computer so lets see how I do, eh?

So today was an average day, I go to my grandparents and teach my granddad how to use a new phone. gosh, it was hard. Their dog was just being doggy like doing dog stuff, same with my auntie, doing auntie stuff, seeing my friends grandparents out and about. ya know?

Anyways, I just realised how much a blog is like writing a story, putting real experiences into a little online page for people to read. without the made up bit.

I don’t have a lot to blog about today ( I’m sorry, I will tomorrow, its a music festival.)

Reste heureux et blog sur!

– Jessica



It means stay happy and blog on in french



Saturday 24th June 2017

Today i missed the parade as i was asleep until 10 am. Me and my dad went to the square at lunch to meet my mum for food and a drink. We then went home and i messaged my cousine tom for a bit because i was bored. I then went outside until it got a bit cloudy and now i am here.

I dont really have a lot to talk about today. Nothing really exciting happened which i had to blog about so im just doing a quick update. So this has been today upto 17:31 pm and later me and my family are of to watch Dr Who. I have a cup of tea waiting downstairs so ill be online again soon.

Be happy and blog on!

– Jessica

My first blog post ♡

This is the post excerpt.

Hi everybody, my names Jessica. I’m a passionate blogger who hopes to later on inspire peopls to blog just like they did to me. Blogging is now my hobby and as the holidays are coming up i can take a break and blog to my hearts content.

I was inspired to blog by the big youtube stars and my parents friend who has many followers. I was originally going to vlog but ive decided that i want to blog. Ya know, just for a bit of fun every day or so. (Or when i can be bothered hehe)

On my blog, i’ll be uploading things i’ve been upto or how my day has been, though not many interesting things happen. So i’ll keep my phone handy when i’m out and about for pictures and things. Oh yeah, i will also be taking some photographs as, well, i think i can do good!

So yep. This is my first post. I hope to keep this blog running till, heh im not sure! Have a wonderful evening (or morning, depends where you are in the world) and i will see you later!

Be happy and blog on!

– Jessica

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