Yo yo yo everyone! Sorry i havent been active, instead i will be posting at weekends. So the carnival was good. Thats it. Good. The clothes show was WAAAAY to big! It spread over the whole of liverpool! The game expo was AMAZING OMG! HERE ARE SOME PICS…..so i got a hat too and guess what? ONE WEEK LEFT OF SCHOOL! I WILL BLOG MORE AFTER SCHOOLS OVER I AM SO HAPPY!!! 

anyway this is all i can blog about today, plus my friend got and adorable puppy called toby. 

Stay happy and blog on!



Whoops again…

hey everyone! Sorry ive not been too active, school has got in the way and i have had no time to post :I So ill do a post today and ill try make it longish. Im on my phone so…my fingers will hurt :’)

On sunday me and my mum are going to liverpool Clothes show. I hope i see you guys there it will be great. Even tho you have no clue what i look like. I have shoulder length blonde hair blue eyes and im quite tall.

We’re getting the bus to the train station at 9 am because some people are on strike which means it will be harder to get there. We’ll just troll about abit walking around and doing some stuff.

Im going to the pleasure beach soon too with my best mate, that should be fun!

I will do another blog later, time for homework!

Stay happy and blog on!

– jess

Saturday 1st July 2017

Hey everyone! Todays blog is on the computer so lets see how I do, eh?

So today was an average day, I go to my grandparents and teach my granddad how to use a new phone. gosh, it was hard. Their dog was just being doggy like doing dog stuff, same with my auntie, doing auntie stuff, seeing my friends grandparents out and about. ya know?

Anyways, I just realised how much a blog is like writing a story, putting real experiences into a little online page for people to read. without the made up bit.

I don’t have a lot to blog about today ( I’m sorry, I will tomorrow, its a music festival.)

Reste heureux et blog sur!

– Jessica



It means stay happy and blog on in french


Whoops…..(friday 30th june 2017)

whoops im sorry everybody! I forgot to be active 🙈🙊 My phones been dead and some days ive left it at home so i forget it when im at school.

So let me tell yee about today. 

I got enhanced on french! I dont know how, i hate learning french and i hate school, i may be moving. (To you non english people, enhanced is like an A but means nothing, really) So we also had p.e where we had to run 100 meters, me being me, i ran 100 metres in the fastest time of 18 secconds. In the relay, i came forth becuase the group i was in was, PRETTY SLOW. Plus my friend doesnt know her left and rights…

So enough of school, i have a few announcements, if any body is going to the fashion show 1 week this sunday, comment below! And a meme superstar is dying.

This deserves a paragraph because he was a great part of our childhoods. Mr Robbie Rotten (or stefan karl stephenson) has terminal cancer is on the last stages of cancer. The doctors say no cure. I hope he is oki

Ok so to end on a High note. I hope you have a great day and share my blog.

Stay happy and blog on!

– Jessica

Wednesday 28th June 2017

I forgot to blog today 🙈 whoops 😶

So today was another avarage school day. I mean, nothing excited happened! I told my friends about maybe going into voice acting as soon i will be doing a show reel! I need to preactice as i was to shy to any impressions. I  think i am good at them. Oh well, i cant be shy forever!  

I also found out some sad news, actor stefan (idk his last name) but he was robbie rotten. Unfortunatley hes on the last stages of cancer 😢😵😭 He may be going, but he will be number one. (Memes)

Its also raining! Great. Oh well.

Quick update! Next month 15-16th there is a game expo nearish bye. So if youre going be sure to say hi and if youre not, pop along!

Sunday 25th June 2017

Today has been an action packed day! We went to the fair and wow, that was the most fun i have had in ages! 

The first ride: Mexican Wave

This ride was amazing. We went up and down and up and down forward and backward but it was amazing!! I would go on that again but the only trouble was sliding from side to side and squish squashing my mum.

The seccond ride: (something to do with skiing)

This ride was great. You’d go round and round and it would get faster and faster. Me and my mum got coverd in fake snow. It jogged you a  bit like the grand national in blackpool but yeah, it was great.

The third ride: spinny thingy

Me and my dad went on this. It went super fast round in a triangle shaps and we loved it! Although i slid about on the seat quite a lot!

The last ride: freestyle (yep,thats its name)

Ok so freestyle was AMAZING. i went on this by myself (cos im a big girl :3)  and basically it spins round in a circle but going upward really high and really fast. I sat next to this woman who was a little bit odd plus, she was the only one screaming 😂.

So i hope you loved todays blog, if you did please follow me and give me a star and share me about.

Stay happy and blog on!

– Jessica

Saturday 24th June 2017

Today i missed the parade as i was asleep until 10 am. Me and my dad went to the square at lunch to meet my mum for food and a drink. We then went home and i messaged my cousine tom for a bit because i was bored. I then went outside until it got a bit cloudy and now i am here.

I dont really have a lot to talk about today. Nothing really exciting happened which i had to blog about so im just doing a quick update. So this has been today upto 17:31 pm and later me and my family are of to watch Dr Who. I have a cup of tea waiting downstairs so ill be online again soon.

Be happy and blog on!

– Jessica