Saturday 1st July 2017

Hey everyone! Todays blog is on the computer so lets see how I do, eh?

So today was an average day, I go to my grandparents and teach my granddad how to use a new phone. gosh, it was hard. Their dog was just being doggy like doing dog stuff, same with my auntie, doing auntie stuff, seeing my friends grandparents out and about. ya know?

Anyways, I just realised how much a blog is like writing a story, putting real experiences into a little online page for people to read. without the made up bit.

I don’t have a lot to blog about today ( I’m sorry, I will tomorrow, its a music festival.)

Reste heureux et blog sur!

– Jessica



It means stay happy and blog on in french



Sunday 25th June 2017

Today has been an action packed day! We went to the fair and wow, that was the most fun i have had in ages! 

The first ride: Mexican Wave

This ride was amazing. We went up and down and up and down forward and backward but it was amazing!! I would go on that again but the only trouble was sliding from side to side and squish squashing my mum.

The seccond ride: (something to do with skiing)

This ride was great. You’d go round and round and it would get faster and faster. Me and my mum got coverd in fake snow. It jogged you a  bit like the grand national in blackpool but yeah, it was great.

The third ride: spinny thingy

Me and my dad went on this. It went super fast round in a triangle shaps and we loved it! Although i slid about on the seat quite a lot!

The last ride: freestyle (yep,thats its name)

Ok so freestyle was AMAZING. i went on this by myself (cos im a big girl :3)  and basically it spins round in a circle but going upward really high and really fast. I sat next to this woman who was a little bit odd plus, she was the only one screaming 😂.

So i hope you loved todays blog, if you did please follow me and give me a star and share me about.

Stay happy and blog on!

– Jessica